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WebCTRL (pronounced - web control)

Automated Logic’s WebCTRL is a premier building automation system, offers an intuitive user interface and powerful control features. WebCTRL can be accessed from anywhere in the world using Internet Explorer®, without the need for client software on the workstation.

Through a browser you can access all building management functions including:

  • setting and changing schedules
  • adjusting setpoints and other control properties
  • graphically trending important building conditions
  • viewing and acknowledging alarms
  • running preconfigured and custom reports
  • energy usage, occupant overrides, tenant billing
  • and much more

WebCTRL offers a wealth of other standard operating features, some of which include:

  • Thermographic Color Floor Plans - convey a quick understanding of facility-wide comfort and operating conditions
  • Time Lapse Graphics - easily review how the facility has performed by simply rolling back in time and watching a playback. It's as easy as using a DVR!
  • Hierarchical and Group Scheduling - supports customized, graphically displayed schedules for building, floors, zones or equipment groups to flexibly manage energy use
  • Trending - enables operators to track and troubleshoot building conditions
  • Logging/Reporting – extracts and formats operating data from a browser to Acrobat®, Excel® and other applications with a single click
  • Logical Alarming – generates alarms and notifies users following a specified sequence of events
  • Integration to Lighting Controls, Utility Meters, Fire Alarm Systems
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