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Systems Integration

As the central point of control, it is logical for the building automation system to incorporate and assume control of other building systems. Having dealt with over 100 different manufacturers, Metro Environmental is the leader in third party integration.


Metro Controls

Building utilities should be metered and monitored. What is measured is maintained, what’s not measured gets ignored. If the information is not in the automation system, effective management of utility costs cannot happen. Today, metering for all types of utilities can be easily integrated to provide the ultimate in understanding, reporting and accountability. Our powerful Automated Demand Reduction (ADR) function provides for immediate response, allowing cost savings by automatically reducing load in high demand conditions

Lighting Control

WebCTRL is ideally suited to manage the large energy consumption associated with lighting systems. From simple office fluorescents to landscape and parking lot lighting, WebCTRL is the solution for utilizing the same, consistent web page to monitor, schedule and control lighting applications.

How Does it Work?

A Lighting control system consists of a device, typically a lighting controller (or computer), that controls electric lights for a building. Lighting control systems usually include an interface to a Building Automation System. These interfaces allow users the ability to switch power to lights, dim lights, and program lighting levels. A major advantage of a lighting control system over conventional lighting is the ability to control any device from the BMS. Many devices exist which give you flexibility, decorative effects and multiple uses from your lighting sources.

Today’s sophisticated dimming systems enable you to lower the light level to conserve energy and increase bulb life; vary the mood of a room; alter light source intensity; or create lighting scenes in each room. Types of controls include integrated dimming systems, touch dimmers, slide dimmers and rotary dimmers. Additionally, lighting control systems provide the ability to automatically power a device based on programming events such as:

  • Light Harvesting
  • Chronological time (time of day) Scheduling or Astronomical time (sunrise/sunset)
  • Room occupancy (with occupancy override)
  • Set-point adjustment
  • Event Alarm conditions
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