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Why You Need a Building Automation and Energy Management System

Today’s Direct Digital Control (DDC) systems utilize the latest technology to integrate HVAC and Lighting Controls which enables building owners and managers to maximize energy efficiency. Enhanced features provide the user with data and information to make operational decisions that save energy and money. Metro Environmental offers the most advanced and robust control systems. These systems include:

WebCTRL (pronounced web control)
Metro Controls, Inc. represents the WebCTRL system developed by Automated Logic Corporation. We share their belief in“the power of simplicity" and know our client’s can rely upon WebCTRL to reliably provide the powerful, intuitive front-end and automated control features they need.

Energy Management
With built in features such as Zone Level Scheduling, Zone Level Demand Limiting, Optimized Start and Optimized Set Point, standard control applications work to save you energy and money. The Environmental Index compares space comfort with these strategies to measure the balance between cost savings and comfort. The result? An environment that promotes Happy and Productive People!

Systems Integration
WebCTRL handles the integration to multiple other protocols including BACnet, LON and MODBUS; and has numerous drivers for proprietary communication protocols. As the Building Automation and Energy Management System, it is logical for WebCTRL to display and assume control of other building systems.

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