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Energy Management

In the face of historically rising energy rates, building operating costs are climbing to new heights. Now, more than ever before, you need to control energy and operating costs, as well ensure that you have energy saving strategies in place for the future.

No matter what your focus is, Metro Controls can help...

  • lower your energy and operating costs
  • increase your ENERGY STAR® ratings
  • achieve LEED certification

Energy Savings

WebCTRL®, our building automation system, can help you better analyze your energy consumption, develop more effective conservation strategies and ultimately save on operating costs. A rich feature list and flexible programming makes WebCTRL the ideal choice for any sustainability project or energy conservation measure you have.

Our energy-saving features are fully integrated and ready right out of the box – features like set-point optimization, optimal start, automated demand reduction, and matching source conditioning to actual load conditions in the building.

Comprehensive Sustainable Building Operation Solutions

Extensive research has shown that internal comfort conditions have a significant effect on productivity at work and the quality of learning in the classroom. But how do you measure comfort along with energy efficiency? How can you quantify the effect that an energy management project has on the comfort in a facility?

WebCTRL is the only system that includes the Environmental Index™ and EnergyReports™ – two tools that take complicated building control information and make it easy to use and analyze to help you make smart decisions. Our operating dashboard allows a quick comparison of comfort and energy consumption in one view.

Metro Controls

  • The Environmental Index™, expressed as a percentage, reflects how close the zone temperature is being controlled to the heating and cooling setpoints. It can also take into account relative humidity and space contaminants like CO2. Every zone, area, floor, and building can be simply trended and reported on for very specific, localized focus. The Environmental Index is a powerful tool to help facility managers identify and manage operational and comfort issues relative to the results of energy conservation measures to ensure continuing sustainable performance.
  • EnergyReports™ is an incredibly flexible, dynamic and easy-to-use reporting tool that uses the extensive trending capabilities of WebCTRL for metering and reporting on energy consumption in your facilities. Measuring energy use without measuring comfort is only dealing with part of the important issues affecting buildings today. We provide the tools to effectively and efficiently do both!

Save on Expenses

Metro Controls

WebCTRL not only helps you save energy – it helps you save on expenses. Unlike other systems that require costly custom programming and are more difficult to use, our energy-saving features are fully integrated at installation. Features like:

  • Setpoint Optimization - calculates optimum setpoint values based on actual operating requirements to balance energy consumption with the requirements of the space
  • Optimum Start - assures comfortable settings at time of occupancy based on building conditions and system capacity
  • Demand Reduction - reduces energy use on a short-term basis in response to utility pricing, billing criteria, regional consumption, etc
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